Music Shops in Coventry

Music Shops in Coventry

It can be difficult to know where to start when you decide to buy a piano after taking lessons with us at Piano Lessons Coventry. With such a wide variety of pianos on the market catering to different styles and genres, it is a daunting task making sure you choose the right piano for you. Our tutors at Piano Lessons Coventry often visit the local shops to buy their own pianos and accessories, so are in the perfect position to give you some tips and guidance on where to go. They’ve put together a list of their favourite shops in Coventry and the surrounding area.

Greens Organs is a great option for those looking for a digital piano, keyboard or even an organ. With a large selection of new and used pianos, there will be a piano at a price to suit you! Not only do they offer pianos for sale, but the store is also a great option if you’re looking for someone to repair your piano. The shop also offers a great range of music to take your piano playing to a new level, with a wide range of sheet music available. Having been established in 1959, the staff have a wealth of knowledge of pianos, and are always on hand to help you find the right piano for your style and ability. Greens Organs is located a short walk from the Coventry’s city centre, CV6 5FS.

Peter Smith Pianos is a family run company that has been selling pianos in Coventry for decades. With such experience, you can be sure that the staff are knowledgeable and friendly, so will be able to give you the guidance you need to find the perfect piano for you. They have a wide range of pianos on offer, so can cater to both beginner and experienced pianists alike. With prices starting from £295 and both new and used pianos available, you are certain to find something for you. Make sure to head down to their showroom, where there are over 100 pianos on show for you to try. They also offer the full range of care for pianos, so after you’ve purchased, or if you already own a piano, the store can offer cleaning and tuning.

Express Music Store is a one stop shop for all your piano needs. Not only do they offer a fantastic range of premium piano brands, but they also have a wide selection of accessories, from sheet music in all styles and genres, to piano stools. This makes it a great store to set you up with a piano so that you can start practising what you learn at Piano Lessons Coventry straightaway! The store mostly offers digital pianos and keyboards, and they come in at a range of prices, so even if you are just beginning with your piano lessons, there will be something within your budget to get started with. The store is conveniently located on Binley Road, CV3 1HG.

Vale Pianos is run by piano technicians, so if you are looking for a piano shop where the staff have the knowledge of pianos to offer a first class service, this is the shop for you. With over 100 pianos on display for you to try, this is a great shop for both beginners and experienced pianists to find the perfect piano for them. The shop offers both new and pre-owned acoustic pianos, and has a wide range of digital pianos on offer, so no matter what your style, there will be something for you.  They have made piano cases for the likes of Muse and Biffy Clyro, so you are guaranteed a top of the range product from them. Vale Pianos is a short drive from Coventry in Throckmorton, but is well worth a visit if you’re looking for both fantastic customer service and a great range of pianos. 

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I have a wealth of experience in teaching piano, so I know how to make my lessons fun and enjoyable. I strongly believes that to get the most from your piano lessons, you need to play songs that you enjoy. For that reason, lessons are tailored towards your interests and style, whilst also covering the basics. So no matter what your level, I can help you improve!

Everyone is welcome to learn, be they children just starting out, or adults wishing to develop their musical interest or returning to playing.  

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I love having lessons with Brian. They are fun and varied. I look forward to my lessons every week. Katherine Jones (Adult Beginner)

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