Famous Bands from Coventry

Famous Bands from Coventry

With a music scene as big as Coventry’s you would expect that the city would be home to some successful musicians. Coventry certainly doesn’t disappoint in this regard, and has many famous bands and musicians that span a wide variety of genres, which is testament to the diversity of the city’s music scene. Our tutors here at Piano Lessons Coventry have put together some of their favourite artists for you to explore and take inspiration from.

Delia Derbyshire was born in Coventry in 1937. Her parents bought her a piano at the age of 8, making music a part of her life from a young age. Despite being accepted to Cambridge to study mathematics, after a year she switched to music. She also achieved a LRAM qualification in pianoforte. Despite such musical talent, she found it hard to enter the industry, so after a few years returned to her home roots of Coventry to teach. However in 1960, she joined the BBC, finally being able to follow her passion for music. She is famous as a composer of electronic music, and is best known for her electronic realisation of the theme tune to Doctor Who.

Jigsaw saw huge world-wide success over a couple of decades (being active from 1966-1981). The band formed in Coventry in 1966 and went on to have a string of hit singles around the world, as well as releasing thirteen albums. Jigsaw were influenced by The Beatles, which especially comes through in their ballads. The band were known for their lively performances, with fire eating and explosions a regular occurrence. Clive Scott, Jigsaw’s keyboardist, would make his Marshall stack explode and disintegrate. In the latter part of their active years, the band mellowed and opted for more pop orientated songs, which is greatly contributed to their overall success.

King was a result of the remnants of Coventry ska band ‘The Reluctant Stereotypes’, forming in 1984. With a new line-up, the band went for more of a soul and pop rock sound, departing from their ska roots. King takes its name from lead singer Paul King, who was the driving force behind the band. Mick Roberts played keyboard in the band, which added a great deal of energy to the band’s sound. King had chart success throughout 1985, reaching number 2 in the UK chart with their single ‘Love and Pride’. The band also released two top 20 albums, as well as five top 30 singles over that one year. However, this success was to be short lived, for in 1986 the band split up.

Melissa Graham is best known as singer-songwriter of group Solid HarmoniE, who were active in the 90s. She may have been born and raised in Coventry but with Solid HarmoniE she achieved world-wide fame, touring with the Backstreet Boys, Peter Andre and N*Sync. The band were popular in Europe, with a number 1 album in the Netherlands, and a top 10 single in the Dutch charts. They also sold over a million records worldwide. After the success of the band she also started a solo career in 1999, achieving success across Europe. Despite this fame, she returned to study at the University of Coventry after a few years as a solo artist. More recently, there have talks of Solid HarmoniE reuniting.  

Photography: Christian Bertrand

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